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Forest Hike Series

ESA - Forest Hike Westminster Ponds

Forest Hike Series with ReForest London

This past summer, ReForest London welcomed many people to celebrate Ontario Forests with our Forest Hike Series for Ontario and Canada's 150th Birthday! Our hikes were held in the Forest City, throughout the months of May to July, many taking place in Environmentally Significant Areas. 

Did You Know?

In the City of London, 21 natural areas are currently designated as “Environmentally Significant Areas” or ESAs. These areas exist within both agricultural and urban settings and include wetlands, forests and meadows as well as river corridors and valleylands and significant wildlife habitat. 

Special thanks to our hike funder Ontario 150, and to our hike partner, Thames Valley Trail Association, who has provided hike leaders to lead some of the hikes in the series.

Photo Credit: Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

2018 Hike Series Dates to be announced soon!

Please arrive at the meeting site at least 15 minutes before the outing is to begin in order to sign in, receive a safety talk and sign a waiver form. Hike times listed below are departure times from the meeting location.