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Group Volunteering

Celebration Forest - Group VolunteeringWe welcome groups of volunteers to our tree planting and aftercare activities. Volunteering as a group is a great way to build teams, have fun, and contribute to the community.

Get your coworkers, peers or club members together for a day of volunteering, we offer both group tree planting and aftercare projects for groups larger then 10 people. 

Join a Tree Planting or Aftercare Event

One easy way to volunteer as a groups is to come to one of our scheduled tree planting events in the spring or fall, or one of our aftercare events in the summer.

Have a specific date for a group volunteering event?

If you have a specific date for a group volunteering event, depending on the season and resources available, ReForest London may be able to plan an event around your schedule that will leave a positive impact on the environment and the community of London. If it is a private event you are requesting, we do ask for a funding to cover the expenses of staff, resources and supplies.

Interested in Volunteering as a Group?
Please send an email to:

Kelsey Nicholls, Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 519-936-9548 ext. 221
Email:  w88Việt nam volunteer@ w88Việt nam