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ReForest London Newsletter

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Our Programs

Through our programs, we are working with Londoners to plant trees throughout the Forest City, and to make it easier for Londoners to plant trees on their own properties.

Our ongoing initiatives have been developed under four program areas:

  • Inspiration and Education - Inspiring and educating Londoners about the value of trees, and how to plant and care for them so that they are empowered to make London one of the best-treed cities in North America.
  • Tree Planting - Getting our hands dirty in the community, working with volunteers to plant trees in neighbourhoods, parks, natural areas, industrial areas, and schools to improve our tree cover. View our Tree Plantings Schedule and Neighbourhood Planting Schedule.
  • Tree Growing and Distribution - Getting trees to Londoners by growing, selling, and giving away trees to get low-cost trees into neighbourhoods, removing barriers to planting in our own yards.
  • Tree Gifts - Giving individual Londoners as well as businesses a green and healthy gift option to remember loved ones, celebrate milestones, and reward employees and customers.

Learn more about all our initiatives below. Read some of our Success Stories for examples of these programs in action.

Inspiration and Education

Million Tree Challenge Million Tree Challenge
The Million Tree Challenge seeks to inspire Londoners to plant one million new trees in the City of London. This community initiative is succeeding through Million Tree Challenge Partners -- businesses, institutions, community organizations and the media.  Learn more
Tree Teacher program Tree Teachers
Tree Teachers are trained volunteer speakers who present a 30 minute presentation to your organization for free. These presentations are ideal for Lunch and learns at businesses or corporations; Community groups and non-profit organizations; Service club meetings; Grade 6 and up classes. Learn more


Tree Planting


Neighbourhood ReLeaf

ReForest London has launched a city-wide initiative to provide a tree for every Londoner that wants one. We want Londoners from all of our diverse communities to take action in creating a more sustainable city through the planting of trees.

We will offer free trees to any Londoner who wants to plant one in their yard, plus opportunities to plant in a public park. We will create hundreds of opportunities for Londoners who want to join this city-wide “Neighbourhood ReLeaf” initiative. Learn more.

   Park Naturalizations

In these projects we are creating new naturalization areas in London's parks to improve the biodiversity of the park and attract wildlife. Learn more

Within this program are two multi-year projects that target important waterways in London.

  • Graham 10,000 Trees for the Dingman - This project seeks to plant 10,000 trees along the Dingman Creek to improve the buffer along the stream and improve the environmental health of this south London waterway. Learn more
  • Ivey 10,000 Trees for the Medway - This project seeks to plant 10,000 trees along the Medway Valley to improve the buffer along the stream and improve the environmental health of this north London waterway. Learn more
 Seed to Forest

Seeds To Forest

This is a NEW program for Elementary Schools in London. We work with Grades 4-6 students in a series of 4 interconnected modules related to trees! Students grow seedlings, help to plan a tree planting project in their schoolyard, plant schoolyard trees, and attend a Tree Hike in a mature forest. Registration is required. 

 Grow your business with trees

 Industrial Land Planting
You only need a bit of available land and an interest in improving your property. ReForest London and its partners will supply everything else you need: help selecting and designing, expertise in selecting tree species, supply and delivery of the trees, and all the logistics of the planting on the day.w88Việt nam  Learn more.


 Tree Growing and Distribution

  Tree Give Aways
ReForest London has given away thousands of tree seedlings for Londoners to plant on their properties. Tree seedlings can also be ordered by Million Tree Challenge Partners for their events. Learn more
  Neighbourhood Tree Depots
Neighbourhood Tree Depots offer free trees to London residents throughout the city (although we encourage donations!). Million Tree Challenge Partners can sponsor a sale at their event or to their members or employees. Learn more
 Seedlings in the greenhouse Growing Initiatives
Growing trees is one of the most rewarding activities a person can do, and we have several ways Londoners can get involved in growing trees to support the Million Tree Challenge. Learn more


Tree Gifts

 Celebration Forest  Celebration Forest - Plant a Legacy
The Tree Gift program allows individuals and businesses to purchase a native tree to be planted in the Celebration Forest. Every tree planted is a living legacy and is a unique way to honour someone special. Learn more
 Appreciation Trees Tree Gift Vouchers
We offer business professionals, corporations and individuals an easy way to give a tree as a gift. Give your customers and friends a voucher for $50 or $100, redeemable for a tree at a number of tree nurseries and garden centres in and around London. Learn more