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Seeds To Forest

Seeds to Forest is a NEW program we are offering to London and Middlesex elementary schools!

 What is it?

Seeds to Forest is a new program open to Grade 4, 5 and 6 classes in elementary schools in London and Middlesex County. Students will learn about trees and their impact on the local environment through a 4-part series of educational activities. 

The 4 activities modules are:
1) Growing Tree Seedlings in the Classroom: Students plant seeds of native tree species and raise seedlings throughout the winter and spring, before taking seedlings home in May/June. Students learn about the life cycle of trees and requirements of plants. 

2) Tree Planting Site Planning Workshop: Students work with ReForest London staff to learn how to make appropriate species recommendations for schoolyard trees. Students learn about tree requirements (light, moisture, soil, etc). 

3) Schoolyard Tree Planting Event: Students plant large shade trees in their schoolyard, with assistance from ReForest London staff. The number of trees planted at each school will vary, but on average we expect 450 trees per year to be planted in London schoolyards. 

4) Tree Hike Field Trip: Students attend a tree hike through a local mature forest in one of the city’s Environmentally Significant Areas (ESA).  


These hands-on, interconnected activities will enhance students’ connection with nature and their understanding of trees, and the role of trees in our urban forest, all while adding more trees to schoolyards in London and contributing to the Million Tree Challenge.
There are numerous curriculum connections available throughout the 4 modules – embedding environmental education into mathematics, science and technology, language, arts, social sciences, and more.


Who is eligible?

  • Elementary schools in the City of London or Middlesex County (including public, Catholic, French, and private schools)
  • 2 classes from each school, in Grades 4, 5 or 6 may participate
  • Additional classes may participate in the seedling growing activity if supplies are available, at an extra cost. 

What is the cost to participate?   St Francis

There is NO COST to participate in this program! 

Your school will be provided with the supplies and seeds required to grow approximately 60 baby trees, or, enough for 2 classes of students. (Additional seedling supplies may be purchased.)

We will allocate a certain number of large shade trees to your schoolyard, based on need. If your school wishes to plant additional trees beyond what our program can fund, you will be required to fundraise for those extra trees.

Busing for the field trip (tree hike) is provided through this program, and busing arrangements will be made by our staff.

How many schools can participate each year?  

We will work with 30 schools per year. Priority will be given to those schools who display highest need for trees.

How many trees will be planted in our schoolyard in this program? What size will they be?

The size of trees planted may vary from school to school, based on site requirements and board policy, but we expect trees to range in size from potted trees between approx. 6'-10’ in height; to wire basket 30-50mm caliper trees at approx. 8-14’ in height. The number of trees that can be planted in each schoolyard will depend on the size and price.  Your school may recieve a few large caliper trees, or, many potted trees.

Rural schools or schools in new neighbourhoods may be eligible for windbreak planting projects. 

Princess ElizabethWhen do the activities take place? 

Fall 2018 Program:
Registration: Ongoing until September 2018
Site Planning Workshop: Late September-Early October
Tree Planting: Mid-October - Early November
Tree Hike: Mid October-Early November
Seedling Planting: January 2019
Spring 2019 Program:
Registration: Ongoing
Seedling Planting: January-February 2019
Site Planning Workshop: February-Early April 2019
Tree Planting: April-May 2019
Tree Hike: May-June 2019

Teachers must have the support of their principals to register. 

Fill out our registration form w88Việt nam HERE

One of our staff will then contact you to discuss your school's involvement, and, if approved, begin planning your tree projects! 


Questions? Contact Susan McPartlin at susan@ w88Việt nam www.airmaxsoutletstore.com or 519-936-9548 ext 229


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